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2007 Infiniti G-Coupe Pictures Released


Without much fanfare at this point, pictures of the new 2007 Infiniti G Coupe have finally been released. There has been a lot of speculation about this refresh ever since the release of the Infiniti Concept last year. In January, a conceptual drawing was released of the upgraded G as a teaser prior to its reveal at the New York Auto Show in April.

The images above show the pre-production G Coupe apparently being put through its paces. From the photo's, we clearly see asthetic changes with the headlights and tail lights. The new grille matches that of the '07 Sedan and the lower facia looks to include a plastic center grille with possible dual air intakes on each side. The headlights are a more aggressive approach from the previous generation.

From a suspension standpoint, a 20" rim/tire combo will be used as will 4-wheel ABS. There will be an optional 4WAS (Four Wheel Active Steering) system similar to that offered with the current 2007 Sedan.

What about the engine? There has been a lot of speculation concerning the motor for the 2008 Coupe. While the 2007 Sedan received a tuned 3.5L VQ35HR powerplant, the 2008 Coupe will step it up a notch with a all-new VQ37VHR. While this may surprise some, the upgrade to a 3.7L motor had already been in the rumor mill for over a year. A difference between the VQ37VHR and the VQ35HR, besides .2L of displacement, is the addition of Variable Valve Event and Lift (VEL). VEL is utilized to control valve events and lifts in order to reduce intake and exhaust resistance that leads to energy loss within the engine. VEL will also improve fuel efficiency with high torque and cleaner emissions. The VQ37VHR will have a 7500rpm redline, symmetrical dual exhaust system and isometric tubular steel exhaust manifolds. Finally, to mate up to the dual intakes on the front facia, the powerplant utilizes dual throttle body intake system. Horsepower estimates are in the 330-340hp range.

Transmission options will consist of a 6-speed manual gearbox or an optional automatic offering steering-column mounted magnesium paddle shifters. It is unknown at this point if a non-sport automatic will be offered as it is in the base-level 2007 sedan.

The interior will receive fresh touches in comparisson to the previous generation coupe. An automatic temperature control system will be used in conjunction with a microfiltration system. A new electroluminescent instrumentation cluster has replaced the previous-generations orange back-lit cluster gauges. The center-dash includes a Infiniti controller system (with 7" monitor) with optional touch-screen navigation that utilized a 9.3GB Music- box hard drive for music and Infiniti-updated navigation software (That's right, no navigation DVD's). The upgraded 11-speaker Bose "Studio on Wheels" system has 3-way door-mount speakers with 10" woofers, Center-channel and L-R dash-mounted speakers to increase stereo imaging within the vehicle.

The new 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe will be on display in April and will reach dealerships in August 2008. With this new iteration of the G-Coupe, Infiniti is assured to have a best in class sports luxury winner.

Nearly ten years later Infiniti is still a top manufacturer of sleek luxury vehicles.

Author: Matthew Moody (audtatious) is a Nissan Enthusiast and Administrator on
March 2007


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